Dedicated Trucking

Dedicated trucking refers to carriers that haul freight for one primary customer on the same route. By hauling the same consistent truckloads in the same freight lanes, a dedicated driver gets to know the routes, schedules, and people at designated locations. Carriers looking for stability and predictable revenue streams find that dedicated trucking can provide consistent billing and keep your trucks and truck drivers busy.

You know in advance what route to take, what you will be hauling, and that you have work for you and your drivers via dedicated trucking runs.

Longer-term agreements.
Most dedicated trucking agreements are annual, which allows you to plan, forecast, and budget more accurately. However, some carriers, shippers, and brokers do offer dedicated trucking runs with shorter agreements.

Rates are flat for the initial term of the agreement. Although there are fluctuations based on fuel prices, all parties know what charges will be paid and what they will earn for each load.

  • Benefits

    We operate as your private fleet with consistent and predictable costs and offer specialized services with reduced liability exposure.

  • The Kutzler Advantage

    What sets us apart is our attention to detail, flexible contracts and experienced team.

  • Long Histroy Of Success

    We are a third generation company that was built on solid mid-western values. It's our family's name on our trucks, and that means something to us.

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