Spotting Services

In the trucking industry, a spotter works in the yard, helping to on- and offload freight, moving trailers to and from loading bays, and ensuring the yard remains clear of trailers, which helps facilitate the flow of traffic. Spotters organize how trailers are arranged and can optimize how trailers move through the yard. Shippers can leverage shuttling to move trailers to and from dock doors, and in some cases, to nearby facilities to assist in inventory management. Spotting and shuttle services are essential to inventory optimization and warehouse efficiency.

Even with the best technology, a yard cannot manage itself. But with our wealth of insightful data and reporting capabilities, Kutzler gives you the capability to make better inventory decisions and even manage several yards at once.

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    We maximize the flow of your facility with a combination of veteran drivers, experienced logistics personnel, and yard management software.

As needed, our expert team acts as an extension of your internal resources. On-site spotters organize how trailers are arranged and move throughout the yard. Outside spotters prepare dock doors and trailers for optimal loading, while insider spotters secure the docks with the right safety protocols and appropriate equipment. When combined with shuttling, shippers can move trailers to and from dock doors and other facilities to assist inventory flow.

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