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Kutzler is a regional trucking company based out of Kenosha, Wisconsin with regional trucking and freight services for the state of Wisconsin and the surrounding states. Our team has local drivers for one-day shipments, as well as drivers who serve the entire Midwest. Give us a call to see if we currently travel to your area.

Our clients know that the security of their products are always a top priority. We have an established team of professional drivers where safety and security is our main focus. We take pride in our work and are continually building strong relationships with companies in and around Wisconsin.

Built on premium equipment, consistent schedules and driver expertise, Kutzler's regional trucking services deliver a cost-effective and secure solution for businesses all over the midwest. Our regional trucking services are designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers and we never go outside of our safety and service standards. We operates a GPS-enabled fleet backed by state-of-the-art technology that delivers granular shipment visibility, security updates and more. Partner with us to move your cargo to its destination in an efficient, timely and compliant fashion.

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